5 Best Companion Plants for Your Japanese Maple


5 Best Companion Plants for Your Japanese Maple


Japanese Maple Trees are a garden’s crown jewel, but even a jewel needs the right setting to shine. Companion planting can enhance the beauty and health of your Japanese Maple. Let’s explore the top 5 plants that make perfect companions for this garden gem.

Key Takeaway Table

Companion Plant Benefit Ideal For
Hostas Shade-tolerant ground cover Understory planting
Azaleas Spring blooms Accent planting
Ferns Natural woodland look Understory planting
Rhododendrons Large, vibrant blooms Accent planting
Ornamental Grasses Texture and movement Border planting

1. Hostas

Why they work: These shade-loving perennials are perfect for the understory of a Japanese Maple.
Benefits: Adds lush, green ground cover and thrives in the same conditions as Japanese Maples.
Tip: Choose variegated varieties for extra visual interest.

2. Azaleas

Why they work: Their spring blooms create a stunning contrast with the Japanese Maple’s foliage.
Benefits: Adds color and fills in the mid-level planting area.
Tip: Opt for varieties that match the color scheme of your Japanese Maple.

3. Ferns

Why they work: They evoke a natural, woodland setting.
Benefits: Adds texture and fills in the understory.
Tip: Choose native ferns for a more authentic look.

4. Rhododendrons

Why they work: Their large, vibrant blooms make them a focal point.
Benefits: Adds height and color to your garden.
Tip: Make sure to plant them in well-draining soil.

5. Ornamental Grasses

Why they work: They add texture and movement to your garden.
Benefits: Great for border planting and adds a dynamic element.
Tip: Choose grasses that won’t grow too tall and overshadow your Japanese Maple.


Companion planting is like matchmaking for your garden. The right companions can make your Japanese Maple stand out even more. From the lushness of Hostas to the vibrant blooms of Rhododendrons, these plants will elevate your garden to the next level.

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