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Fuego Lighters Robusto Cigar Review

Fuego Lighters Robusto Cigar Lighter The Fuego Robusto Lighter redefines the cigar smoking experience. While some will argue the importance of tradition in using a combustible lighter; there is no denying the Fuego Robusto is the hands-down easiest way to light a cigar perfectly regardless of one’s cigar smoking experience. of course you can buy yours here   

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A Closer Look at Cigar Humidors

 If your cigar humidors are badly maintained, the chances are, sitting on your shelf, gathering dust and waiting to get disposed at any time. However, taking away your precious humidor simply because it is dusty in order to buy another one is not a solution to your dusty problem as most likely, the new one will end up just the same as the other one, sitting on shelves gathering dusts. Importance of the Cigar Humidor Cigars are made from tobaccos which are grown in various countries in the equatorial and tropical regions. The best tasting cigars come from countries such as Dominican Republic, Cuba, Indonesia, Nicaragua and Honduras due to their good weather and humidity. A humidor box is usually made...

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