Cheap Black Cigar Case

I´ve learned the lesson in a expensive way, got my 4 cigars ruined because, well the weather in my town can change from sunny to rainy to sunny to rainy in 15 minutes, and well i wont tell you how much money and amazing cigars just got flushed down the drain, i realize that a cheap black cigar case, would have prevented this. And no you dont have to spend several hundred dollars if you dont want to.

 The cost of this cigar case was only $24 dollars, imagine, the price of just one cigar was more than double, so i have learned my lesson.

now i dont get outside without my black cigar case  . 

Naturally if you want to spend more, or need a different cigar case, you should check out this collection 

Dont be stubborn, protect your cigars when you are on the go.


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