Cigar Humidors

Maintaining our Humidors Properly

Just like any other gadget or tool that we have in our life, cigar humidors also require constant maintenance activities for it to be able to work properly. The things that we love should be treated with utmost care especially if we want to prolong the duration of years that we are going to use them. Nowadays, even the littlest of things require our attention from time to time because of the intricacies of how they were made. For example, our favourite car needs to have its oil changed regularly. Our cigar humidors, similarly, also need to be seasoned.


Smokers would understand the importance of this activity because humidors are somehow expensive especially when you compare it to just plain cigars. Those which are beautifully constructed will surely cost more than the ordinary ones. As such, when you are able to acquire one, make sure that you cherish it with all your heart. If it is a gift from a friend or a loved one, all the more that you need to take care of it. How are you going to do this? Here are some instructions which might help you in seasoning your cigar humidor.


Not all models or brands of humidors would have instructions on how you can season them. It is important that you know how to do it regardless of the brand. For you to be able to season the humidor, you need distilled water and a sponge. Sounds simple, right? For sure, you would not have any problems in acquiring these things. The distilled water should be used in the humidification of the humidor so that build-up will be prevented. The sponge can then be used to wipe the interior of the wood. Make sure that you expose everything so that you can be sure that all the surfaces have been covered.


Repeat this process until you are sure that the interior is a ready. Now, you may take the sponge and put it inside the humidor. Close the lid completely and then let it stay that way for 24 hours. After which, you should take the sponge and perform one last wiping of the interior to ensure proper maintenance of the wood. Lastly, you may now refill the humidor. These are simple steps that can be done even by your family members if you are not available to do so.


If you are not confident to it yet, you may watch YouTube videos online or visit websites which provide step-by-step instructions on how you can season your humidor. If you have already ordered one, check the packaging if it contains instructions on how to do this process. If you really cannot do it or if you have a lot of questions, contact the company where you purchased yours. 


Do not forget to do this because your humidor will not work properly if you do not season it. The humidification is something that you should not forget to do.

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