History of The Tea Pot

                         History of The Tea Pot


When asked if kitchen is the heart of your house, what would be its soul, if your answer is tea pot, then you should know about the history of these beautiful teapots we have in our house. Tea pot is a like a humble person who turns the mighty leaves into an elegant social gathering with its simple performance of brewing.

This sophisticated, yet fashionable drink was brought into our civilization by Chinese people. These teapots initially looked like wine-ewers, so it was believed that these teapots were not always used as tea kettle. Later, around 300 years ago, British people were the one who established the stark difference between the two. They demanded a grate just placed before the start of the spout to stop and separate the tea leaves from getting mixed in the drink. With passing years, the tea and the tea pot infuser become quite fashionable across the whole world. The Dutch and the Portuguese potters copied the design of Chinese tea pot, but these tea pots weren’t durable at all. Later on, English potters discovered the secrets of Chinese pottery where they used the hard paste translucent in nature for creating fine porcelain materials. The traditional designs were duplicated and carried across the globe where people invented the tradition of social gathering around a cup of tea. Tea was set for brewing and people used to gather around in evening to spread the local news among some giggles and laughs.

In the current scenario, the tradition of tea brewing in tea pot is lost but we still have the fancy teapots available in thousands of designs, shapes, colors, themes, etc. You may find these highly decorated pots displayed in the showcases, desperately waiting for the leaves to be brewed in them.


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