We are so proud to announce our new partnership with Litolite.It one of the greatest luxury manufacturers from Italy

The precision, quality, CNC Machinig, detail and craftsmanship is just a step up from what you can expect from the best Italian Craftsmanship

The Marble Cigar Tubes are all handmade, and handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans.


LitoLite as luxury brand has merely specialized into the creation of prestigious objects, such as authentic collector’s luxury boxes, and cigar tubes which are meant to highlight the objects held inside.

The distinctive trait of the Brand is due to the stone working and its unique manufacturing.

The patented technology has overturned the old dogmas: it may increasingly differ from heaviness and thickness, hence the natural stone is now carved with thicknesses up to a few millimeters by making the material light, resistant and above all ultra thin. These are the new frontiers targeted for our prestigious and demanding customers.

LitoLite offers diverse ways of processing. On the one hand, there is the hand-drawn low relief on an IT platform then transformed in labs with excellent results on accuracy. On the other hand, there are works in micro-relief on natural stones.

All items are well-finished by the hands of the expertise of the workshop and cared to the smallest details, such features and the widest possible range of natural stones make LitoLite items what we do intend to be: products of absolute excellence.