Gardening Know How Q&A: Even The “Experts” Have Questions About Gardening


Here at Gardening Know How we strive to provide answers to commonly asked, and sometimes not so common, questions about gardening. We have a team of experts spanning the country, gardeners excited to share their personal and professional experiences with fellow gardeners. But that is not to say that these “gardening experts” don’t have their own questions from time to time.

Gardening Know How Q&A

We love gardening. We enjoy helping others. We happily answer questions but we also frustratingly ask our own.

As gardeners we are not immune from the same problems…why is my succulent plant not thriving, who is eating my vegetables, how do I control these pesky bugs, what is this growing in my bed, when will this unbearable heat end? It’s true. We’re human and share some of the same puzzling issues in our own gardens. And, believe it or not, many of these mysteries leave us scratching our heads as we seek out answers.

So, what is it that has some of our experts confused? We asked staff and writers about some of their gardening questions, and answers they hoped to learn more about. Our junior editor, Liz, joked when asked and commented, “If I come up with one, I know where to turn!” One advantage to working with gardeners.

Top gardening questions and answers needed

Heather, who
is quite knowledgeable about nearly all things gardening, wondered recently if
her wisteria might not
have witches’ broom.
“Can wisteria get witches’ broom?” Hmm, interesting question.

And writer,
Bonnie, has been facing new pests in her garden following a recent move.
“Something is Swiss cheesing my plants and there are voles, rabbits and elk.
The insects I can probably deal with but I am unfamiliar with ways of keeping
the four-legged animals out of my veggies. Need a solution.”

“Where do I
begin,” Amy asks. “I’m no guru and I often have questions and use the internet
and my local Master Gardening program to find answers, or I just muddle along
and experiment. My current house came with a cherry tree.
The first year it barely fruited, but this year we had a boon. The only problem
is the tree has probably never been pruned, at least height wise. This means
that most cherries went to the birds. I want to bring the tree down to an
appropriate easy-to-harvest height but I’m nervous.” How should she prune the cherry tree
and when is the right time? Good question.

Mary Ellen
has wondered if it’s earwigs eating her petunias or
something else. Laura is curious about which landscaping plants are safe to use
near horse barns and pastures. (That’s actually a great question.) Stacey wants
to learn more about garden pond plants.

And some
must-know questions that play out in my mind include how to keep from killing
my succulents
with kindness – help please! – and will I ever be able to keep ALL my houseplants alive throughout winter? Why do I always fail at these two things?

Everyone has
questions now and then, regardless of experience or expertise in the field.
Don’t be afraid to ask a gardening question
– we’re here to help. We are all gardeners, and even we need help on occasion

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