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Achieving and maintaining a lush green lawn is challenging, but worth the sacrifice for many homeowners. Beautiful, healthy lawns don’t just grow themselves and need a lot of care. Regular fertilization, weed prevention, and pest control are all necessary to get a lawn into top-notch condition. Keeping your lawn looking healthy throughout the year is a challenge and takes time — something that many homeowners don’t have. To ensure a lawn is well cared for, many people hire the services of a professional lawn care company

Finding the best local lawn care providers can be tough. To help you out, Gardening Know How has reviewed the top landscaping companies to find the best ones in the country. In this Perm-O-Green review, we thoroughly examine the lawn care services that the company provides. 

We look at Perm-O-Green’s range of care plans, customer satisfaction, and availability to find out if the company will meet your needs and goals for your yard.

TruGreen is our top recommended provider for lawn care. This company boasts high customer satisfaction, a wide range of lawn care services, and highly trained experts. 

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Perm-O-Green Plans

Perm-O-Green provides all the essential lawn care services to keep your garden, grass, and plants thriving. Caring for lawns requires more than just mowing the grass regularly. Perm-O-Green uses fertilizers, weed control, grub prevention, and aeration to achieve and maintain beautiful lawns. The result is lush turfgrass with no bare patches or weed growth. 

Rather than offering a standard set of lawn care plans, Perm-O-Green provides several services to suit a customer’s specific needs. These services strengthen the roots of the grass, increasing the health of the lawn. Additional pest and weed control services prevent grubs, insects, or weeds from destroying the appearance of your yard. 

Overview of Perm-O-Green Lawn Plans

Standard lawn care program Optional gardening services
Fertilization Lawn aeration
Pre-emergent weed control Grub prevention
Post-emergent weed control Vegetation control
Tree and shrub care
Pest control (fire ants, ticks, fleas)

Let’s look in more detail at what each plan includes. 


Lawn aeration is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the year. Aerating a lawn involves making small holes, up to four inches deep, throughout the turf. Removing these small plugs boosts your lawn’s health. The benefits of lawn aeration services include the following:

  • Removing thatch — Thatch is a layer of dead organic matter that builds up around the base of grass plants. Getting rid of thatch gives the roots more room to breathe and receive nourishment.
  • Improved soil and water uptake — The holes allow water, moisture, and fertilizer to nourish the grass roots at a deep level. An aerated lawn also prevents water pooling due to poor drainage. 
  • Reduced soil compaction — Over time, the soil becomes compacted, which affects grass growth. Aerating lawns allows more oxygen to get to the roots, providing essential nourishment. 
  • Improved stress tolerance — Harsh climatic conditions such as the hot sun, drought, and frost can take their toll on lawns. Aeration improves turfgrass resistance to these conditions and keeps your garden looking healthy throughout the year. 


Lawns require regular feeding with the right nutrients and minerals to look green and healthy. Every lawn is different, and soil quality can vary between gardens. The experts from Perm-O-Green thoroughly inspect each lawn area and then use the appropriate fertilizers to enhance grass growth and health. The specially tailored plan ensures your lawn looks its best. Here are some of the benefits of Perm-O-Green fertilization services:

  • Thick grass growth — Fertilizer helps healthy grass grow thicker, and this acts as a natural weed-prevention strategy. 
  • Disease resistance — Healthy lawns are more resistant to disease. Regular fertilization every five to eight weeks gives your lawn everything it needs for vigorous, disease-free growth.
  • Improved lawn appearance — Proper fertilization results in lush, green grass that grows uniformly throughout your lawn.  

Grub Prevention

One of the causes of thin patches of grass or bare lawn areas is small grubs that munch on the turfgrass root system. The grubs are beetle larvae, and they start feeding on grass roots near the end of summer. Only when the grass begins to turn yellow and die do most homeowners realize there’s a grub problem in their lawn. 

When it comes to grub control to protect your lush lawn, Perm-O-Green lawn experts know that prevention is the key. As part of the comprehensive lawn plan, preventative treatments are applied in June. This treatment kills off grubs and prevents them from feeding on your lawn. The lack of beetle larvae also prevents other garden pests — like raccoons, moles, and skunks — from coming into your yard looking for tasty treats.

The benefits of grub prevention services in lawn care include the following:

  • Thicker, greener lawns because grubs don’t destroy roots
  • Less plant and grass damage as other garden pests don’t hunt for grubs to eat
  • Fewer, if any, signs of lawn damage

Pest Control

Having a well-maintained lawn usually means you’ll want to spend time in your yard on warm spring and summer days. Also, gardens are a great place for the kids to play. But insects and pests can be a nuisance. Some insects even carry diseases and can cause allergic reactions when they bite or sting. Perm-O-Green pest control plan includes the following services:

  • Flea and tick treatment — Destroying fleas and ticks is essential to prevent these nasty insects from infesting your pets or biting your loved ones. Both of these garden pests are blood-sucking insects that also carry diseases. The lawn care plan treats the whole lawn twice to eradicate these bugs from your garden.
  • Fire ant control — Fire ants can cause nasty bites that result in itching, a burning sensation, and pus-filled lesions. Doctors also warn that many fire ant stings can cause allergic reactions with life-threatening consequences. Perm-O-Green lawn care plans guarantee to get rid of ants if they’re a problem in your yard. 

Weed Control

The standard lawn care package includes pre-emergent weed control and post-emergent weed control. Weeds such as crabgrass, dandelions, and sandburs can quickly take over lawns. These unwanted plants can ruin the beautiful appearance of a well-maintained lawn. Because the company is based in Texas, Perm-O-Green has expert knowledge of weeds specific to the area. The two main types of weed control that top lawn care providers offer include the following: 

  1. Pre-emergent weed control — Preventing weed growth is the best way to keep your lawn looking gorgeous. Because weeds grow at various times of the year, pre-emergent weed control is used three times to prevent all types of weeds from appearing. 
  2. Post-emergent weed control — Many weeds are incredibly invasive and can even germinate despite weed prevention treatments. Perm-O-Green experts will apply the appropriate weed control method depending on the type of weeds growing in your lawn.

One of the benefits of using Perm-O-Green lawn services is technicians regularly monitor your lawn for weeds. So, you never have to worry about unwanted plants taking over your yard. You can be proud of having one of the most beautiful lawns in the neighborhood. 

Year-Round Services

As with all the top lawn care service providers, Perm-O-Green offers a plan to maintain your lawn throughout the year. Each of the growing seasons, spring, summer, and fall, require different lawn care maintenance. Depending on your lawn’s needs, professionals visit your lawn every five to eight weeks throughout the year.

For lawns, the yearly service includes:

  • Complete fertilization
  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Post-emergent weed control

Extra services to care for your lawn include aeration, grub control, and pest control. 

Other landscaping services Perm-O-Green offers

Some lawn care providers only service the grassy areas of yards. Perm-O-Green is different. The company also offers additional landscaping services as a complete package. You can use the services of the company for the following:

  • Tree and shrub care — Special pet-friendly and people-friendly applications help eradicate insects that destroy shrubs and trees. Getting rid of bugs from plants also encourages robust growth as the plants are under less stress. The full program includes using dormant oil, deep-root fertilization, and insect and disease control.
  • Vegetation control — To help make your front and backyard the envy of the neighborhood, Perm-O-Green lawn also provides vegetation control. Highly trained professionals apply treatments to deal with unwanted vegetation on concrete areas and paths.

Perm-O-Green Cost 

Most lawn care companies, including Perm-O-Green, don’t publish costs on their website. The cost of lawn care varies from property to property because no two lawns are alike. Here are a few examples of variables that can impact the cost of lawn care:

  • Condition of lawn — If your lawn has bare patches, poor soil quality, or other issues, it may take repeated calls or paying for extra services to improve its condition. However, when these issues are resolved, maintaining a lawn in good condition will be much cheaper.
  • Type of lawn care plan — Perm-O-Green has a standard lawn care plan. But, if you want additional services such as tree and shrub care or pest control, the price will go up. 
  • Climate — Weather conditions in your local area can also impact the cost of professional lawn care. Scorching hot, dry summers or freezing cold winters can damage lawns. Extra care is sometimes required to help lawns recover after heat, drought, or severe frost. 

Perm-O-Green’s Availability

The Perm-O-Green lawn care company seems like a reliable choice if you live in Texas. Unfortunately, the company only operates in five areas of Texas — Fort Worth, Lubbock, Tyler, Wichita Falls, and Longview. 

Perm-O-Green Reviews

Perm-O-Green is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It also has an A+ rating from the BBB. However, as of March 2020, it has no reviews on its profile. Perm-O-Green does not have a Trustpilot profile. 

Is Perm-O-Green Worth It?

After reviewing the services and availability of Perm-O-Green lawn care, is this a company you can trust with the health of your yard? If you live in some regions of Texas, the company could be a good choice. Here are a few of the pros and cons of using Perm-O-Green lawn care services. 

Pros Cons
Comprehensive lawn care plans Limited availability to five areas of Texas
Fast, efficient services Reviews unavailable 
Guaranteed results
Uses safe chemicals

Our Verdict

Taking into account Perm-O-Green’s limited availability, our top recommendation for lawn care services in any area is still TruGreen. Although local options have some benefits, a nationwide provider like TruGreen offers the same standard of service as Perm-O-Green. TruGreen is available in all states except for Alaska and Hawaii. 

This industry leader is accredited by the BBB and holds an A+ rating. It offers five distinct plans, which you can find below: 

  Healthy Lawn Analysis Healthy Lawn Guarantee® Weed Control Aeration Fertilization Lime Trees & Shrubs Visits per Year
TruSignature Lawn Care Plan 1 visit 8
TruComplete Lawn Care Plan 1 visit   8
TruHealth Lawn Care Plan       8
TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan 1 visit     7
TruNatural Lawn Care Plan  ✔*   ✔*     8

*TruNatural plan uses organic fertilizer and non-chemical weed control methods.

You can call 877-386-6512 to get a free, personalized quote from TruGreen, or fill out an easy online form

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