Fuego Robusto Lighter Kit

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Fuego  Robusto Lighter Kit

The Fuego Robusto Lighter redefines the cigar smoking experience. While some will argue the importance of tradition in using a combustible lighter; there is no denying the Fuego Robusto is the hands-down easiest way to light a cigar perfectly regardless of one’s cigar smoking experience.

Lighter manufacturers have continuously tried to reinvent the wheel for cigars by adding multiple flames or using torches. Their so-called solutions still do not adequately and easily cover the proper surface area of a cigar and they require copious amounts of lighter fluid.

This lighter is a necessity for anyone who smokes cigars and wants the perfect light. Every time.

  • Electronic, battery powered, rechargeable, and windproof cigar lighter.
  • NO Butane. NO Lighter Fluid. NO harmful gases.
  • Quick and easy to use. Light the entire end of a cigar in seconds. (Up to 62-Ring Gauge)
  • Delivery Times : 2-8 days.
  • The cigar lighter kit consists of 1 heating coil, 1 lithium ion battery, 1 USB charging cable, and 1 cleaning brush
  • Weight 0.64 lbs, Dimensions : 2.5 x 1 x 1 in