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Nidia Hot Pink Flame Lighter


Nidia Hot Pink Flame Lighter

Slender and tall, this hot pink lighter is perfect for storing in your purse. Not only does the small, stainless steel body make this lighter easy to transport, it also makes it extremely attractive.

 The Nidia ignites a soft, traditional flame for you at the push of a button.


  • Hot Pink Matte Body, Premium Quality Stainless Steel Body
  • Traditional Candle Flame; Single Action Ignition
  • Dimensions - Weight: 1.16 oz.; Height: 3.3 in.; Length: 0.6 in.; Width: 0.33 in.;
  • Butane Refillable Lighter with Adjustable Flame Height; Lighter Does NOT Come Filled with Butane
  • Delivery time : 3-7 days