tel.: +1630-655-8263 Jeff Schulz

Tuesday, April 7 from 9:00 am to 5 pm

Walter Pall will make it happen with Mark Karczewski, Ron
McAdams and Jennifer Price

How much:
this is for free – all day

For whom:
Everybody is invited, it is an open party, no
registration necessary – just show up and be happy

Besides around 200 well known and established ones about
another 200 new trees will be there, most of them collected in the
wild, very old, and very interesting. Trees from the Rocky
Mountains, like Ponderosa pine, limber pine, lodgepole pine, Rocky
Mountain junipers and other rare species. Some killer trees,
outright world class, many affordable, from US$ 50 to a couple
hundred, lots for under one grand, some, of course much higher. In
addition there will be many deciduous trees, like Japanese maples
and trident maples. Many American collected deciduous trees are
there in affordable price ranges. Also some very nice small pine
trees, already bonsai, and junipers will be available. Of course,
there are the famous specimen conifers styled by world renown
artists like Mauro Stemberger, Todd Schlaffer, Jan Culek and

Altogether it is clearly one of the big places for quality bonsai
in the country and an event one should not miss. This may well be
the start of a tradition. And you can say ‘i was there’.


9:00 am: People can come in and have a look around. Walter Pall will
be there for free advice.
10:00 am to 12:00 am: Joint demos of how to work with broadleaf
deciduous trees in the development stage. Walter, Mark, Ron and
Jennifer will show detailed work, like styling, wiring, carving,
repotting on large collected trees, mostly American hornbeams and
Amur maples.
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm: Demo by Walter, Tom, Ron and Jennifer A big
lodgepole pine which was styled by Jennifer and Walter at the 2018
Milwaukee Convention will be placed onto a great slab by Mariusz
Folda, Poland.  It will be shown how to select a slab and why, how
to mount the tree, how to care of it. Hopefully we can show what
an impact this will make to the appearance of the bonsai. This
will be educational and entertaining – you bet!  We will have one
more slab and plant a big collected conifer onto it. Imported very large handmade pots by Mariusz Folda from
Poland will be available.

On Monday, April 6 Walter will be doing a workshop “bring
your own or work with one of ours” from 5:00 to 9:00 at Hidden
Gardens. US$ 75. For details and registration call Jeff Schulz

Attached find pictures of the nursery, a workshop there, the
Lodgepole Pine, the great slabs by Marius Folda from Ibuki,
Poland, last year’s demo with a Colorado Blue Spruce owned by Jim

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