How To Rebuild Your Health!


Feeding The Need

The first thing I do in any case of recovery from a serious or chronic illness is to give the body some deep nutritives full of vitamins and minerals.

You see, if we give the body the materials it needs it can rebuild itself. Sadly, very few of the tasty products available at your local grocery store or restaurant have much real food in them these days.

Even the beautiful, fresh produce doesn’t typically begin to contain the vitamins and nutrients it did in years past. Too much concern about shelf life, appearance, and uniformity of color, size, and flavor has resulted in serious selective breeding (not to mention genetic alteration) which has decreased nutrient content substantially.

But don’t despair. There’s good news!

Food scientists and industrial agriculture haven’t yet noticed burdock, dandelions, and other weeds.

As a result, those rascals are still chock full of all the nutritional goodies

Deep-rooted plants like Burdock and Red Clover can pull up micro minerals that are difficult to find in field-grown crops. Brigham Tea is full of minerals and also gives a nice energy boost.

Nettles has a lot of wonderful vitamins and nutrients too. Yellow Dock Root is full of iron and other goodies.

And I hardly dare to mention Chaga because it just makes almost every other herb pale with embarrassment when you compare vitamin and anti-oxidant levels.

As long as you’re feeding your own body, it’s also a really good idea to feed all the cute little rascals that are living in there to help you.

A healthy digestive system is a host to countless billions of beneficial microorganisms.

These little fellows outnumber our own body cells by about ten to one.

They perform countless critical tasks from aiding digestion to supporting immunity and mental health.

Maybe they’d like some lunch too. One of their favorite foods is the insoluble fiber inulin which is found in plants like ElecampaneBurdock, and Dandelion Root (All three of these roots are also found in our Prebiotic Formula). When feeding gut bacteria, it’s essential to use the powdered form of the herb. Tinctures contain vitamins and minerals, but they don’t contain any of the fiber the good guy bacteria like.

Here are some good resources for feeding the need:

Nutritive Formula

Pre-Biotic Formula

Nourishing Roots Tea


Boosting Energy

One of my favorite plants for making the miserable malaise of illness go away is Rehmannia. It isn’t a tonic stimulant like some of the other great plants we’ll talk about here. It just makes you feel better. IT takes away that droopy, dragging feeling of wanting to lay around and be sick and makes you feel like a normal person again. While it’s at it, it help to rebuild blood cells and modulates the immune system.

There are a number of other plants that can really increase energy levels. One of the best ones for weakened folks following (or during) a tough illness is Brigham Tea . As mentioned above, Brigham Tea is a great nutritive but it also increases energy levels in a smooth and delightful way. It’s much less jarring than caffeine but has a similar effect without the negative crash afterward. It also contains antihistamine constituents which can decrease the immune-stimulated aggravation of the tissues.

Siberian ginseng is another wonder for rehabilitating folks.

It is energizing and stimulating to about every organ and system in the body from immunity to cognitive function to liver function to libido and fertility. Let’s see…did I leave anyone out? Anyway, it’s good for about anything that ails you and gives you energy to boot, all without taxing your body’s resources.

Don’t take it before bed or you’ll be counting sheep all night. But, interestingly, whenever I put someone on Siberian ginseng they almost always report that their sleep is significantly improved.

So, how does an herb that stimulates the brain and wakes you up to make you sleep better?

Because it stimulates your brain to do what it’s supposed to do and one of those jobs is to make enough melatonin during the day so that you can get to sleep at night. :0)

Improving Circulation

The circulatory system is critical to removing waste from the body.

After infections of any kind, the body is full of the death and debris of a hard-fought battle. Improving circulation can accelerate the removal of these toxic leftovers. Decreased or sluggish circulation is like a garbage collector’s strike in the body.

If it doesn’t get resolved effectively, things can get ugly.

There are some wonderful plants to help with the circulation of both the circulatory and the lymphatic vessels to get things moving and clean things up. Hawthorn is wonderful for improving circulation. Ginkgo is incredible as well.

It dilates the blood vessels and improves oxygenation of tissues and unblocks the roads so the garbage trucks can get into those plugged-up back alleys.

Cayenne is great for circulation as well. It markedly improves vascular elasticity and health and its warming nature really helps to get things moving.

All of these kids are in the Circulatory Support Formula

The lymphatic system can benefit from a cleaning as well. Cleavers is an astoundingly good herb for flushing out congested lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels.

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