Seed Starting Mix

Seed Starting Mix The Best Option to Nourish the Seedlings comes up as the Seed Starting Mix  Seed starting mix plays an important role in explosive plant growth. It’s a good mixture of soil to give the seedings the ideal environment to germinate and grow into a healthy young plant. Unlike the usual potting soil […]

How to grow your own food

How to Grow Your Own Food: Got a big enough garden or by any chance a fruit tree farm? Great, you are fortunate enough to grow your own, healthy food. Growing food yourself is pretty enjoyable. It helps you spend some time in nature and saves a lot of bucks on daily fruit vegetable shopping. […]

our selection of gardening tools

Our selection of gardening tools Easi Grip Garden Tools Set of 3 Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Set of 4 Touch ‘N Flow Pro Watering Wand 36 inch Dramm Colormark 30 inch Rain Wand Men’s Bionic Reliefgrip Gardening Gloves Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Fork Easi Grip Weeder Easi Grip Long Reach Garden […]

Caterpillar with red horn

The caterpillar with red horn is also known as the tomato hornworm, and if you are growing Tomatoes its almost a sure thing that you have to meet them.   If you’ve ever grown tomatoes, chances are good that you’ve dealt with these green caterpillar pests. There are two main garden pest species, tomato hornworms and tobacco hornworms. which […]

speed up your composting

  Composting is an excellent way to convert organic waste into beneficial garden fertilizer, how to speed up your composting. Simply place kitchen scraps in a composting container, such as carrot peelings and cabbage cores. Composting is often done outside, although worm composting can be done either outside or indoors. You’ll need to speed up […]

Worm Farming basics

  The term “worm farming” may give the impression that it is a more difficult task than it is. The advantages of worm farming greatly surpass any apparent disadvantages or challenges. Although worms seem slimy and wiggly, they are extremely valuable to our ecosystem. The earth is naturally tilled, aerated, and fertilized by them. Worms […]

how worms help your soil

how worms help your soil   Was it ever brought to your attention that worms can help raise the value of your soil? Yes, it is correct. Not all soils have the same properties. The majority of the soil that you may purchase at your local grocery store or farm is of poor grade. When […]

large succulent plants

large succulent plants When left to their own devices, plants can be very wild and apparently unlimited. The succulents we’re used to seeing in our plant arrangements are little, charming, and easily adapted to our small plant arrangements. However, when left to the forces of nature, the majority of them can outgrow their potential. It’s […]

hanging succulent plants

hanging succulent plants hanging succulents plants, are the succulent plants that hang or trail and are becoming increasingly popular due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance as they spill over from hanging baskets. It’s no surprise that these lovely “spillers” are ideal for any garden dish. They can be found in a variety of settings, including […]

What is the best succulent and cactus soil

What is the best succulent and cactus soil Succulent and Cactus Soil Guide   With a great soil mix, you not only provide your plant’s necessary nutrients and anchorage but help to prevent root rot! the best way to give your plants a better chance to thrive is by setting the roots right, with the […]

All year round cactus and succulent care tips

All year round Cactus and Succulent Care Tips The following post want to address All year round cactus and succulent care tips Caring for your indoor plants, especially cacti and succulents, may already seem like enough of a challenge, but when you take into consideration that each season comes with its own set of indoor […]

landscaping maintenance services

Ok so you decided to hire a professional landscape service to help you out, but what are the services they offer, and what services do you really need. Landscaping maintenance services can integrate the entire state and health of your garden, from the most basic to the most complete example of a landscaping services list […]

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