Echeveria Harmsii Ruby Slipper


Ruby Slipper

Echeveria Harmsii is a branched succulent with evergreen subshrub up to 12 inches (30 cm) tall and up to 12 inches (30 cm) wide, with rosettes of narrow, light green hairy leaves with a red edge.

 Bright orange, bell-shaped flowers with golden throats are produced in racemes.

 Full Sun, Highlight Indoors.

 Well Draining Soil.

 Avoid letting water sit for too long in the rosette to prevent rot and fungal diseases.

 Dead leaves should be removed from the plant as soon as possible to ward off pests.

Provide porous soil with adequate drainage, pots with drainage hole are recommended.

Bright, filtered light and ample airflow. Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Never let your succulents sit in water.

Do NOT water on the leaves. If you water from beneath by letting the plant sit in a saucer of water, make sure to pour off any excess water after a few minutes.

The hotter it is outside, the faster your soil will dry out, so you’ll need to water more often if you live in a hot area.

Water with caution in winter, as the plant can lose its roots if the soil stays cold and wet for extended periods; protect from frost to prevent scarring.

Echeveria Harmsii ‘Ruby Slippers’ succulents require a lot of light to thrive.

If you’re going to plant this succulent in a garden, make sure it gets enough of sunlight.

It grows well in full to partial sunlight. It is preferable to grow outside rather than within.

A warm temperature is ideal for this succulent. It can withstand temperatures of +1.7°C (30°F) in zones 10b-11b.

If you reside in a chilly climate, it’s best to keep your Ruby Slippers indoors.

The plant will thrive as long as it receives adequate sunlight.



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