Mother of Millions Plant


Mother of Millions Plant

Mother of Millions, a Bryophyllum species, or also called Kalanchoe tubiflora, is an interesting succulent that can produce millions of baby plantlets quickly to spread and form new colonies.

The tip of each leaf produces multiple tiny offsets which drop and root easily to form new plants.

Mother of Millions is similar to Mother of Thousands in the way they reproduce, but the leaves of Mother of Thousands are broad and tear-shaped, while the leaves of Mother of Millions are narrower and more pencil-shaped.

Mother of Millions is incredibly drought tolerant.

 It produces orange-red bell-shaped flowers in summer and fall.

 Bright light to full sun.

 Well-drained. Grows best in cactus potting mix.

 Water thoroughly only when soil is dry to the touch, then let drain completely.

 Feed once per month during the growing season.


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