Calathea Varieties


The Most Beautiful Calathea Varieties


To improve the beauty of our homes, we all seek different decorative styles that will help us achieve this.

Having plants in our house can do the trick for it brings that lively aura around.

There are different indoor plants you can have in your house that can be bright and others dull. You, as the homeowner, get to choose what you want. In this article, we will discuss some of the most beautiful calathea varieties you can have in your home.


Calathea is a tropical plant from the Marantaceae family and is known to be a jungle plant. Calatheas require low light when growing, and warmth is also necessary. It is good to know that this plant is not toxic to your pets, making it very friendly to your home.

Below are some of the most beautiful calathea varieties there are;


  • Calathea Orbifolia


Calathea Orbifolia does a great job of capturing people’s attention as it has large leaves that are round and possess a leathery feel. This plant can grow between 10-12 inches wide and 2.5 feet in length. To have it in your home, you have to offer it an environment with temperatures between 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

High humidity and great soil that drains finely are required.

For a tropical feeling around your home, you will need this variety as this is what it offers.



  • Calathea Lancifolia


This is among the most popular calathea plants out there. The plant possesses incredible features that make it fit for your home. The calathea lancifolia has long and narrow leaves that contain both dark and light green.

The plant is so beautiful as a result of this. Let the plant’s temperature be between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, filtered light, and no direct sunlight.


  • Calathea Zebrina


The calathea zebrina is a unique plant that has a very noticeable pattern, green stripes, and a velvety surface on the leaves. This plant requires warm temperatures, high humidity, and no direct sunlight. This is the only way you can be sure that you will get the best out of the plant.

  • Calathea Makoyana


This calathea variety is also known as the peacock plant, which does say a lot about its beauty. The plant has desirable features due to the slender leaves, which have green and purple colors that possess green markings. For its setup requirements, high humidity and indirect sunlight are essential.


  • Calathea Ornata

This plant also goes by the name pinstripe plant and has awe-inspiring features that attract many to the idea of having it in their homes. The plant grows to 12 inches and has deep green leaves with bright, pinkish-white stripes markings.



  • Calathea Warscewiczii


This is a delightful plant to have in your home. The plant has dark green leaves that have purple undersides. The plant leaf can grow to the length of 12 inches and 3 feet tall when mature. The plant requires adequate temperature, moist, rich soils, and high humidity. Avoid direct sunlight for this plant as it leads to the plant losing its color.


  • Calathea Crocata


This calathea variety is very pleasing to the eye as it possesses stunning flowers. The flowers are orange and yellow colors, which means that they brighten the place up for you. Boost the humidity of your house if you are planning on getting this plant as it does prefer this.


  • Calathea Roseopicta (Dottie)


The leaves of this calathea variety are oval-shaped with greenish-black coloring that makes them look so different from the rest varieties. The plant has a pink outline on each leaf it possesses.

  • Calathea Beauty Star


The calathea beauty star is a calathea variety that offers your home a beautiful look. This is due to the features it has, such as the deep green leaves that have pink stripes and green markings.


How to care for the calathea plant


  1. Choose a well-draining mix


You must take time to choose the best soil for your calathea plant, as this does help in its growth. Doing this means that you will not have to worry about the plant losing its quality.


  1. Low or indirect light


The calathea plant does well in medium bright indirect sunlight and also low light. This means that you should keep the plant away from direct sunlight for its survival.


  1. Humidity


Calathea plants are required to grow in areas with high humidity. To care for this plant, you will have to increase the humidity of the plant’s environment. Doing this enables it to grow well without any back draws.


  1. Watering the plant


Please do not keep the plant away from water as it requires it to be watered every one to two weeks. This means that you may leave it unwatery for a whole week without worrying about it one bit. Maintenance practices for this plant are not demanding.


  1. Use of fertilizer


Fertilizers do help in the proper growth of the calathea plant. Using fertilizers during the spring season is the best for the calathea plant as the winter will not require you to do this. Houseplant fertilizers are the best for you.


To wrap it up, these are the most beautiful calathea varieties you can have in your home and brighten the place up. The calathea plant is not demanding, which is why people like having it in their homes. For those looking for indoor plants to have in their homes, the above should be on your list of interest.

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