Build Your Own Chicken Coop, learn Today!

Ok so you grow your own vegetables now…

Rather than go all the way to the supermarket for your morning eggs which could have who KNOWS what kind of chemicals sprayed all over them, you could just go straight to your backyard!

the next logical step is then to have your own free eggs, so you need chickens, and then a chicken coop


Chicken farming is a cool hobby, it helps cure depression, and best of all ends up saving you money over time with how many eggs you can get!

Easy Coops can direct you on how to build your own chicken coop for even the most humble beginners. It’s SO EASY it’s even in our name!

Easy Coops gives you EVERYTHING you’ll need to know, from accurate measurements to most efficient material cost, to step-by-step directions. With one book, you will be a fully capable chicken coop architect.

Even the most newbie builder will be able to follow these directions. If you can build a Lego set, you can build one of our chicken coops. And unlike the plastic toys, you’ll get more practical use out of this when you fill it up with beautiful chickens.

Feeling uncertain and want to try your hands with a basic starter setup? No problem! We have small chicken coops which are only 3’ x 4’ for maximum space efficiency and can hold up to 5 chickens. Even this coop offers impressive amenities like a hinged hatch for easy egg acquisition and a window to ensure your precious pets get their necessary sunlight.

Feeling ambitious and want to jump right in so you can start cranking out a mind-scrambling number of eggs? Our 39’ x 19’ chicken run contains a whopping 56 chickens with a weatherproof rooftop and multiple access points for feeding, cleaning, and egg pickup. Even though it’s a massive marvel to the chicken gods, it’s still easy to build!

So what are you waiting for? Instead of spending all day typing on a computer, put your hands to some real use! Build a chicken coop that will impress your friends and gift them fresh eggs from your chickens that will make them jealous (and hungry)!

Easy Coops is full of simple do-it-yourself plans to allow you to build your own chicken coop quickly, affordable, and with minimal waste.

So what are you waiting for? You can order the digital download and be on your way to a stunning, self-made chicken coop immediately.

You can do it! Start now!

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