How to care and Grow the Earth Star Plant (Cryptantus Bromeliad)


So you love the Earth Star plant, but you have a few questions like how to grow and maintain them :

How to Grow Earth Star Plant

The necessary conditions for growing your Cryptantus Bromeliad are as follows:



Average moisture content

Average to high humidity

The general-purpose houseplant fertilizer

Well-drained and porous soil needs to be used.

The Cryptantus Bromeliad does not require transplanting.


How to maintain earth star plant

It would be best if you grew earth star plants in a bright spot. They can serve to dress up a bland window still given their capability of taking direct sunshine on their leaves. In addition, the plants become more colorful with an increase in the brightness of the light.

Dull plants need to be moved into brighter spots to make them develop more brilliant shades.

Watering should be done in a pattern that prevents drying of the soil before another watering is done. Earthstar plants will always thrive in moist soils.

The plants will also thrive in high or average humid conditions. Besides, they require a small amount of fertilizer to grow. Therefore, a general fertilizer should be applied when the plants are actively growing, usually in summer or spring.



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