Cannabis Transplant Shock? how to cure it

Cannabis Transplant Shock? how to cure it


Generally, plants, like the Cannabis transplant shock, will recover on their own.

But you can help speed up the process by undertaking the following measures:

Water Regularly

Do not let the soil of your newly transplanted cannabis plants get dry.

Water the plant regularly, but only enough to keep the soil moist.

It is as dangerous to overwater it, as leaving it dry,

Trim the Plants

Cutting back the foliage will reduce the stress as well as the loss of moisture and nutrients.

It will also force the plant to utilize its energy on developing the roots.

Also, make sure the new soil and the new pot have good drainage – newly transplanted plants should never be left in waterlogged grow medium or standing water.

Give It Time and Extra Care

As mentioned above, most plants recover from transplant shock on their own.

But, this doesn’t mean you should leave them on their own. The plant is especially at risk at this stage

In fact, you should give extra care to the newly transplanted plants and make sure they are getting the right amount of water, sun, and nutrients.

Adding extra perlite to loosen the soil will also help the new plants to adjust to the new environment.


When re-potting a cannabis plant, experts recommend using about 3 to 5 times larger containers than the previous ones.

Also, keep the young plants protected from pest infestations, as they are susceptible to them.

Using a natural insecticide

We hope that with these measures you can help your cannabis plant resist the transplant shock

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