Lobivia Echinopsis ancistrophora kratochviliana

It is quite resistant and occasionally gets covered by bright showy blossoms also neglected in a dry windowsill. Requires good drainage and a very porous potting mix.

Need regular water in spring to fall but do not water again until dry.

Also, it is a species that is dormant in the winter and requires very little water (maybe even none) during the cold months.

It is a good beginner cactus and easy to grow and flower.

The stems are globose to cylindrical, often slender up to 4,5 cm long or more and 4-6 cm in diameter, dark reddish-green or blackish.

This is a cute prolific clumper cactus with dark reddish-green stems underneath white or brownish spidery spines, flowers are mostly white. These plants generally form clusters from basal branching

Recommended temperature zone: Sunset: 16, 17,21-24, USDA: 10-12
Frost Tolerance: Light frost protection required. Minimum of 5ºC for safe growing (but hardy up to -5°C or less
Minimum avg. temperature: 50°F (10°C)
Heat tolerance: Light shade
Sun exposure: Outside full sun or afternoon shade, inside needs bright light and some direct sun.
Origin: Peru and Bolivia
Growth habits: Generally clustering, globose or cylindrical, up to 2″ tall (5 cm), 1.5″ in diameter (4 cm)
Watering needs: Little water, needs good drainage
Propagation: Seeds or offsets that appear at the base; leave them attached to form a cluster, or wait until they are 1/3 the size of the parent and then detach and plant.

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