stetsonia coryne


stetsonia coryne

This beautiful cactus is one of the most cultivated of all large columnar cacti. They generate very long spines and produce flowers that are white, opening at night and remaining open during the day.

Recommended temperature zone: Sunset: 12-13, USDA: 9-11
Frost tolerance: Hardy to 18°F (-8°C)
Minimum avg. temperature: 50°F (10°C)
Sun exposure: Full sun
Origin: Low deserts of Argentina, Bolivia
Growth habits: Branching cactus to 30″ tall (9 m), each columnar stem is 4″ in diameter (10 cm)
Watering needs: Regular water in summer for optimal growth
Propagation: Seeds

stetsonia coryne care

Waterings: They like only a short winter’s rest and should be kept almost completely dry during the winter months. If the soil is allowed to be dry for too long root loss could follow but equally the same result would occur if the plants are both wet and cold.

From March onwards the plant will begin to grow and watering should be increased gradually until late May when the plant should be in full growth.

Water regularly during the summer so long as the plant pot is allowed to drain and not sit in a tray of water.

During hot weather, you may need to water the plants more frequently so long as the plant is actively growing.

From late September watering should be reduced to force the plant to go into a state of semi dormancy, by October you should be back into the winter watering regime.

Exposure: Need full sun avoiding only the harshest summer sun, if kept too dark they may become overly lush and greener and could be prone to rotting due to overwatering.

Propagation: Cuttings in summer (Cuttings will root only in hot weather. Cuttings must be kept very dry to root)

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