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Tips For Becoming A Better Seed Saver

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Saving your own heirloom garden seed year after year can be very rewarding! Here are just a few reasons why gardeners everywhere are saving their seeds









Check out the 4 important TIPS below on how to get started saving your own garden seeds:

Seed Saving TIP #1:

When saving your seeds, make sure you are using open-pollinated varieties. These will produce true-to-type crops year after year!

Seed Saving TIP #2

Start with EASY TO HARVEST crops such as peas, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes! Each of these are annuals and self-pollinating. Plus, you will only need a few plants to reap a decent harvest of seed.

Seed Saving TIP #3

Curious as to when it’s time to harvest? For crops with wet fruits, you’ll need to leave a few fruits on the plant to fully mature in the garden. If your harvesting from dry fruited crops such as grainslettuce, or beans… they can be removed from the plant once the seeds are dry and hard.

Seed Saving TIP #4

Always store your garden seeds in a cool, dark, and dry place. This rule of thumb makes THESE seed vaults the PERFECT solution for long term seed storage. Place your properly dried seeds into the airtight container and store it in the refrigerator or freezer for several years!

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getting the garden ready for snow

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Last Sunday morning, before the Big Snow Storm hit, I spend a couple hours in my vegetable garden getting things set.

My husband removed the plastic outer layer from my winter tunnel and then taped on a cross bar onto the top of the hoops for extra support.


I opened up the lower fabric cover to check the greens. I wanted to harvest the heads of lettuce at the edges of the bed. These tend to get chilly and freeze. I picked a nice bucket full. Some pretty heads for our salads and some not so pretty heads for my chickens.

IMG_3114 IMG_3113
IMG_3112 IMG_3111
IMG_3105 IMG_3104

When I was covering up the tunnel again I realized I’d forgotten to put in place the low metal hoops I use for support of the inner layer of cold weather garden fabric. They are flexible wire, I think nine gauge. I put these in and then layered on my row cover. In past years I have used a double layer, but since I’ve been reusing it at least five years now the fabric is ratty. It has many small holes and only makes one layer. But its layered on and looks OK.

Finally I pulled the big sheet of greenhouse plastic over the top and secured it at the base. All set for snow!

IMG_3116 IMG_3117

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