Seed Starting Mix


Seed Starting Mix

The Best Option to Nourish the Seedlings comes up as the Seed Starting Mix 

Seed starting mix plays an important role in explosive plant growth. It’s a good mixture of soil to give the seedings the ideal environment to germinate and grow into a healthy young plant. Unlike the usual potting soil seed mixes are lighter and finer and it helps the small roots to get good nourishment.

Make sure that there are no contaminants in your seed starting mix and the tiny roots would start growing. A perfect seed starting mix must hold water and the roots may rot if the soil becomes too wet.

Characteristics of Seed Starting Mix

This procedure helps you to avoid the seedlings getting exposed to any mold or fungi.

Sometimes, the soil holds excess water that results in a bad condition and a fungal disease.

In this way, your plants grow better and it requires less soil mix. Nowadays, you can get the pre-made seed starting mix or you can prepare it on your own using the ingredients you want.

The characteristics are:

  • It’s much lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The mix is made of finer particles, which are extremely good for young roots.
  • There is no fertilizer and thus it’s safe for human health.

It’s time to choose the right seed starting mix and you can start growing the plants. The seed mix retains enough water and the plants get enough nourishment helping in growth.

How to start seeds?

Here you get a brief view of to start seeds bringing in the nice plants:

First, you need to get familiar with the basic recipe, which includes the ingredients like 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite, 4 parts compost, and 2 parts peat moss.

You must break the clumps of the peat moss ensuring you get a finer paste.

It’s good to use a spray bottle to get some mist water to soften the texture and it becomes easy to mix the ingredients.

Vermiculite is a natural mineral and it’s added to the soil used to grow seedlings.

Vermiculite helps in retaining water in the soil and thus the seedlings grow well.

Perlite comes up in white pieces and is extremely lightweight.

This is used in potting soils and you can avert soil compaction causing damage to the young roots.

Sometimes, pumice is used as a replacement for perlite.

Presently, some scientists find peat moss as a controversial ingredient, as it brings a threat to the ecosystem.

It grows 1/16 in a year and you need to consult with an expert before using peat moss.

Instead of peat moss, you can use coco coir and you have to get some water to make it moist before using.

Peat moss is a bit acidic and thus you need to mix some garden lime to balance the acid content.

Coco coir is more sustainable than peat moss and it’s good to consult with an expert before you choose the basic ingredient.

So, you can now mix the ingredients in the right way and it’s time to make your garden look beautiful. If you find the soil is losing moisture too quickly then add more vermiculite.

On the other hand, if it’s becoming too wet use perlite to remove extra moisture.

Next, you need to get some additional supplies, which are:

  • Container to measure the soil components
  • A spoon to mix the ingredients
  • A container like a garden cart to mix the ingredients
  • Once you have prepared the seed mix get it into the trays and you can start planting seeds

Now, you can start preparing the seed mix and make sure that you are using the ingredients in the right way. Sometimes, you have some leftovers, which you can store in air-tight containers and can be used later.

Importance of a Sterilized Seed Mix

A sterilized seed mix is not a necessity but it’s a good option if you want to get confirmed that there are no mold and fungi in your seed mix.

These molds and fungi can cause damage to the seedlings and thus you must be aware of this issue while getting seed starting mix.

Especially, if you are preparing microgreens you need to be more careful, as they are more delicate seedlings. Hence, you need to find a good nursery from where you can get the seed starting mix containing the proper portion of necessary ingredients.

Tips to Start Seeding

Here are a few tips to consider before you start seeding:

  • Do proper research knowing the right time for each crop. Accordingly, you can start seeding and your plants would get good nourishment.
  • Buy fresh seeds and make sure that you keep them in a good environment.
  • Get the seed starting mix or potting soil mix that would help the young roots to navigate well.
  • The pots, trays, mixing containers you are using must be cleaned properly to avoid any contamination.
  • It’s good to use dilute bleach and you can use the containers free from any worries.
  • It’s time to make a finer paste of the seed starting mix and you can comprehend the benefits in real-time.
  • You have to take care of the seeds and make sure that they don’t dry out before germinating.
  • And you have to add adequate water after you plant the seeds. AS the seedlings grow up the water requirement reduces and it’s important to get a clear idea of how much water you need to add.
  • You can get a spray bottle to water the plants and you avoid pouring extra water. Nowadays, there are manifold watering devices, which are gentle for seedlings and you must get the right one.
  • A dome cover or a plastic cape can be used for a germination chamber and you have to maintain a moderate temperature for the plants to grow.
  • Also, you can get a germinating mat and make sure that you remove the mat once the plants have grown up.

Taken as a whole, you get a clear idea of how to start seeding and you can explore healthy plants growing up.

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